Bonding varnish/Backlack

Bonding varnish Backlack technology

Bonding varnish/Backlack - the joining technology for perfect lamination stacks!

The stator and rotor cores of electrical machinery are manufactured using thin laminations stacked together in order to minimize eddy current losses. There are several ways to join these laminations, and the most efficient way is to use Backlack.

  • Lower Losses

    Compared to interlocking and welding, bonding has not short cuts between the single sheets. Better magnetical properties and lower losses are the result.

  • Reduces Noise

    The single sheets are glued together tightly which reduces vibration and noise. A good approach to address the higher requirements.

  • Improves Thermal Conductivity

    The full area bonding improves thermal conductivity within the stack because Bonding varnish/Backlack has a better thermal conductivity than the air we have from interlocking or welding.